Mimi's Forever Home

The story about a dog who found her forever home.

Dear Murray

Dear Murray,

I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you.

When I signed up to foster you, I promised you that I would love you and take care of you until your forever family came along.  I know you and I both secretly hoped that family would be ours.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you everything you needed.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t be—and couldn’t find—the angel to cure you of your severe separation anxiety.

I wish I could have been that one-in-a-million person you needed.  The one who could put everything on hold—the needs of his children, the needs of his marriage, the demands of his job—to spend all his time with you until you are better.  Maybe it’s two months.  Maybe it’s six months.  Severe separation anxiety is a bitch.

I’m sorry I let you go.  From here, I can only imagine where you’ll go next. If you’re lucky, to another foster.  If not, maybe a kennel.  Or worse.  It’s most definitely not what you need. I’m sorry that I, like most other people out there, don’t have enough time, enough patience, and enough understanding to work through your complex condition with you.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are worth it.  Underneath your anxiety, you’re just a sweet puppy who never knew anything better.  A gentle dog, who wants desperately to please, but your anxiety keeps getting in the way.

Most of all, I’m sorry that I can’t talk to you. I can’t ask you for forgiveness.  I can’t tell you how much I love you.  I can only show you through my tears how heartbroken I am. How I will always love you and how I will never forget you. 

I love you, Squishy.

If you’re that one-in-a-million, please visit: http://mimisforeverhome.org/murray

When movies get scary, hug a pittie.

When movies get scary, hug a pittie.

Lily Has Been Adopted!

As you may remember, for a while, Mimi and her family were fostering a sweet, blue pittie named Lily.  We’re happy to report that Lily has finally found her forever home!  We’ll miss you Lily; but we are so happy for you!  We’ll love you always!

Help us find a forever home for Lily!

Mimi’s First Family Vacation

Last week, the family took a week-long vacation at Lake Tahoe. Our senior dog, Morgan, decided during our last trip that she didn’t like traveling anymore; so we left her with Grandma.  But we thought it would be fun for Mimi to go on her first road trip. We had no idea what to expect, since she had probably never been on a family vacation before. As you can see below, she had a great time!

Here she is waiting for Dad to get back from picking up some food during a pit stop on the way up to Tahoe.


Mimi settled right into our rental home and had no issues figuring out our updated vacation routine.  Every time we would go outside, her nose went berzerk.  Lake Tahoe has so many new and interesting smells!  She loved taking walks around the neighborhood and she kept a keen eye out for any mountain squirrels that might cross her path.

Her first night, she slept like a baby. In case you need proof, here is an audio recording of her snoring (no, that’s not Tim).

She went on her first hike near Angora Creek and got to smell and see all kinds of things like grasshoppers, birds, squirrels, and the occasional horse dropping.  As you can see, she really enjoyed the view.


The walk was so exciting that on the way back to the car, she decided to plop down in the shade of a tree and rest for a minute.


Later in the week, we also took her to dog-friendly Kiva Beach on the shores of Lake Tahoe. She was very excited about all the dogs nearby and the smells of the lake.


Mimi was definitely interested in the lake.  She even put her paws in the water; but she had no interest in going swimming.


She loved sitting in the shade with Mom and watching the kids play on the beach.


In just nine months, she sure has come a long way from her days as a stray.  Overall, I think she’d give her first family vacation five stars.  Can you tell by her smile?


Can we come in?

Can we come in?

Mimi and her Aunt Tiva!

Mimi and her Aunt Tiva!

Years Covered in White Hairs: Dog X

What a sweet story about a great (and adoptable!) dog named Manny. Thanks to Sam, his family, and the countless volunteers and staff at the San Jose Animal Care Center who do wonderful stuff like this every day!

This Sweet Girl Needs a Forever Home

Loni needs your help!  From the description on the St. Francis Animal Protection Society Facebook page, she is a great family dog and a cuddlebug like our Mimi.  Here’s what they had to say about her:

"Look at this face! Loni is a 3 year old staffy terrier who is a big gentle love bug. She is good with other dogs (she prefers male dogs) and wonderful with children. Can you help us find her a good home? Please share. Thank you!"

Can you help?  More information about Loni can be found on their Animals for Adoption page.